Our Story

Hello, we’re here to help make your life RAAD*
*Remarkably Awesome And Dirt-free.

How do we do this? 

We create addictively fragranced, high performing cleaning products that are delivered straight to your door…
So you can enjoy a lush cleaning experience.

RAAD was created by myself and my wife Rebecca. The idea came to us after the birth of our second child; a rather dramatic event as she arrived two months early. It also happened to be two weeks after I had finished up at the NZ streetwear brand (ilabb) I had built with a business partner for the past 15 years. Saying goodbye to that business, while we had a daughter in NICU and another about to set off to school, meant our lives felt a little messy. We needed order and systems to keep things rolling. And because germs could have been incredibly dangerous to our little one, we needed everything to be truly clean. 

With design backgrounds behind us and an increased need to clean, we decided to create a stylish, high performing range of products delivered via a customised online subscription that matches the world’s best digital retailers.
With the help of some of this country's best formulators we developed a New Zealand made plant based product range that is highly effective, nourishing for your skin and enjoyable to use. To achieve this we use a combination of proven, scientifically formulated ingredients that won't cause any environmental harm and a careful selection of active naturals. But it's the inclusion of our unique, addictive fragrances that take things to the next level. The best of human and nature, vegan friendly, cruelty free and with no harsh chemicals.

Design has been at the heart of RAAD from day one. From our custom scents which were designed in NZ then imported from France, through to the bottles, packaging and the experience you have when using it. Your products will all match, from the kitchen and bathroom to the laundry - our slick, minimal bottles complement any bench top so you’ll look forward to the clean up every time. 

To be truly remarkably awesome, it’s important to us that we reduce our impact on our beautiful planet by offering long-lasting bottles with refill options in 500ml packaging. Our bottles make for clean and easy refilling, and using RAAD refills help minimise single-use plastic consumption. We are in the process of developing a pouch refresh program where we will be able to steam clean and refill used RAAD Refill pouches to reduce waste. Also all refills are delivered in biodegradable courier bags so you can feed them to your garden worms.

Best of all, you only need to lift a finger. RAAD is designed to be an online, make a single purchase or setup a customisable subscription (skip, cancel or add to your subscription at any time). Simply select the products you want, set how often you need them and they’ll be delivered to your doorstep. 

Now, let's enjoy a lush cleaning experience.

RAAD Love, 
Matt, Bec, Zoe, Issy Saunders.