RAAD Ingredients

RAAD ingredients are a blend of nature’s finest and humanity’s best scientific developments. We are also proud to say our ingredients are
made in New Zealand.
Designed to be highly effective, nourishing and insanely enjoyable thanks to a combination of proven, scientifically formulated ingredients and a careful selection of active botanicals such as Harakeke,
Licorice Root and Turmeric Oil.

RAAD ingredients are:
Plant Based
High Performing
Vegan friendly
Cruelty free
New Zealand Made
and have no harsh chemicals.

Hand Wash 99.2% plant based (0.8% fragrance)
Dish Liquid 99.4% plant based (0.6% fragrance)
Surface Cleaner 99.4% plant based (0.6% fragrance)
Hand Sanitiser 98% plant based (2% fragrance)

Our fragrances, which make up a very small percentage of our ingredients, are a combination of naturals and synthetics.