Crafted in collaboration with the world’s best perfumeries.
Each fragrance offers a rich, memorable journey within the sanctuary of your own home.
Define yourself by scent and create your own signature spacial experience. 

Pepper & Silk Fragrance

Main Impressions:
Green Aqueous / Grassy & Leafy / Herbaceous Aromatic / Spicy / Musky / Woody / Rustic Dry

Mimosa & Sage Fragrance

Main Impressions:
Floral Mimosa / fresh / green / citrus / dry herbaceous / woody

Clementine & Wood Fragrance

Main Impressions:
Citrus / Floral / Herbaceous / Musky / Woody

100% Recyclable & Biodegradable

Beautifully resolved and succinctly functional, RAAD® packaging presents a lux experience at every touchpoint.

Durable, recyclable cardboard textured with a delicate, fine grain, our 'home' inspired boxes will protect your goods and spark joy on arrival - for the planet, for yourself or kindly for another.

Made from future friendly materials.

Live a RAAD® Life

Addictively Fragranced:

Fragrance defines us. It’s the DNA within the RAAD® experience and it’s made for an under-valued sense that generates memory recall and cultivates memory making. It’s simple enjoyment. All of our scents are about coming home, home to live a RAAD® life.

Empathetically Crafted:

Empathetically crafted means our process begins with empathy, thinking about the impact and the opportunity at every junction for every entity. We craft for the users, the makers, the planet today, the planet tomorrow.

Perfected Details:

Hand Poured Ceramic Vase - 150x69mm
Reeds - 10x 300x5mm
Plinth - 69x4.5mm

At no cost to you,
send us back your empty refill pouches.
We'll clean, sterilise, refill and recirculate them.

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