Main Impressions:
Green Aqueous / Grassy & Leafy, Herbaceous Aromatic / Spicy, Musky / Woody / Rustic Dry

Emerging impressions:
Parsley / Cardamom / Citrus Zest / Pepper / Incense Wood / Mandarin / Lavendin 

Developing Impressions:
Coriander Leaves / Crispy Green Accord / Vegetal Leaves Accord / Smoked Wood Accord / Rose / Iris / Violet Blossoms 

lingering impressions:  
Musk / Coconut Milk / Ginger / Leathery Accord / Styrax / Labdanum / Dry Wood Accord

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Grasse, France, is the renowned perfume capital of the world. With a rich, fragrance history dating back to the 18th century, the hilltop village and the surrounding landscapes are home to some of the world's most prestigious perfume houses. RAAD® collaborates with perfumers from Grasse to craft unique fragrances using traditional techniques such as distillation and enfleurage. The perfumes are then brought to NZ to be added to our formulations.

The RAAD® fragrance style combines layers of simplicity to create unique complexity.
Each scent blends varying ratios of the traditional fragrance families together, to deliver an evolving experience.

A RAAD® fragrance will simultaneously be Woody, Fresh and Opulent and ever so lightly Floral.

Addictively Fragranced


Empathetically Crafted