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Our products are addictively fragranced

To create a truly lush cleaning experience, all RAAD products feature one of our bespoke, signature scents. Gender neutral and deeply addictive, our fragrances are designed to evoke pure enjoyment. Be it on your skin or wafting gently through your environment. 

Each scent is a hand-designed collaboration between RAAD and one of NZ’s premier perfumers, a “nose” who brought his 30 years of experience to the table. The perfumes are then manufactured in Grasse, France before being delivered to Auckland to be added to the product.  

Helping reduce single use plastic

To be truly remarkably awesome, it’s important to us that we reduce our impact on our beautiful planet by minimising single-use plastic consumption and offering long-lasting bottles that you can refill with RAAD 500ml pouches. Our bottles make for clean and easy filling. We are in the process of developing a pouch refresh program where we will be able to steam clean and refill used RAAD pouches.

Biodegradable Bags

We ship your RAAD Refills in compostable reusable courier bags. So once your delivery gets to you, feed the shipping bag to your garden worms, or give it another life by sending something to someone as equally awesome as you.