who are we

We are RAAD® and we create
Addictively Fragranced, Empathetically Crafted,
Formulations for Home & Body.

Here are some RAAD® Partners

Here are some RAAD® Facts

Addictively Fragranced

All RAAD® formulations feature one of our unique, discerning fragrances. Crafted in Grasse France, each scent is gender neutral, deeply addictive and designed to evoke positive emotions to cultivate memory connections.

Empathetically Crafted

A RAAD® life is forever. So everything we do has the future in mind to ensure generation after generation experience (and care for) the world in all its glory. Empathetically crafted means our process begins with empathy, thinking about the impact and the opportunity at every junction for every entity. We craft for the users, the makers, the planet today, the planet tomorrow.

To help conquer this, our bottles are glass, our vases are ceramic, our packaging is biodegradable, our shipping to you is carbon neutral, our refill packaging is recirculated and our ingredients are future friendly.

Green Formulations

RAAD®’s plant based formulations are a blend
of nature’s finest and humanity’s best scientific developments.

Naturally Derived, Scientifically Proven.

Designed to be highly effective, nourishing
and insanely enjoyable thanks to a combination
of clinically proven ingredients and carefully curated active botanicals.

Recirculated Refills


Send us back your empty refill pouches or bulk 5L containers.
We'll clean, sterilise, refill and recirculate them.

We'll cover postage too of course.

Locally Owned

RAAD® is a family business sprung from our desire to help you live a RAAD® life. 

We’re passionate about making life simpler, kinder, more creative and filled with joyful moments. Living by these values forms a RAAD® life, it's what we instil in our family and it’s what drives us to create our addictively fragranced, empathetically crafted, formulations for home & body.

We’re problem solvers and creators. We think design can and should, inform everyday life. We’ve crafted the RAAD® experience this way and focused on simplifying daily tasks and making them meaningful choices.

Matt / Bec / Zoe / Issy

How we
add value

1. Free replacement RAAD® glass bottles... FOR LIFE!
In the unlikely event that a lid or bottle gets damaged we will replace it for free.

2. RAAD® products are amazing!
Addictively fragranced, NZ made, plant based, high performing, vegan friendly & cruelty free.
Your customers will LOVE your RAAD® products almost as much as the amazingness you offer them.

3. We are future friendly.
Our bottles are made from glass not plastic. We even steam clean and reuse the refill packaging.
We’ll even send you a free return to sender pouch to send the empty refills back to us.

4. You'll be supporting local.
We are home grown New Zealanders here to help make your life RAAD®.

5. Special RAAD® Partner discounted pricing.
Our products have a high perceived value but we have designed a special partner pricing structure, specific to your commercial needs.

6. Super simple topup orders.
We get it, remembering to order hand wash for the bathroom isn’t on the top of your mind (nor should it be). So to make your life less admin-y we can setup automated topup deliveries at a frequency that works for you. 

We have also designed (Just for RAAD® Partners) an easy to use ordering platform @RAADpartners.net

7. You'll be in good compay.
We're offering RAAD® Partnerships to a select few only.
This way we can maintain the specialness of RAAD® and we can have the capacity to help you when/if you need.

So let's
Partner up

You already know we love the look of you (and we hope you love the look of us) so let's hangout and start a RAAD® Partnership.

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